Z-Wave Selection Heating Thermostat

Z-Wave Selection Heating Thermostat


With the Heating Thermostat you can reach your individual well-being temperature in any room around the clock: Easily regulate the temperature for each room with the touch of a finger on the touchpad and save energy without sacrificing comfort.

Do you prefer a low temperature in the bedroom at night, but you want to be welcomed by a heated bathroom after getting up? Then this underfloor heating thermostat is just right for you: The thermostat was developed to individually control the temperature of rooms in smart homes.

The modern glass touch thermostats can control different water-based heating and cooling systems - for example: heating cable, heating foil, water valve, electric valve, boiler, fan coils, solar energy controllers, heat pumps, ventilation systems etc.

The Heating Thermostat has the functionality via association groups with Z-Wave binary switches. This means that these devices, such as relays or intermediate plugs, can be linked directly to the thermostat. This allows you to operate any on/off heating switch without the need for a static Z-Wave gateway.


  • Z-Wave Plus certified Heating Thermostat

  • LED touch panel to control the temperature or your floor heating

  • Set heating schedules in the thermostat with 4 events per day 

  • Connect it to your floor heating and control it via Z-Wave or App

  • Built in temperature and humidity sensor

  • Built for electric floor heating

  • Retrofittable to wall boxes

  • Works as a repeater for the Z-Wave mesh network

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